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About Us

Make place in your lingerie drawer for scrumptious harness strapping accents from My Knickers, perfect for dominatrix flair, or choose for one of our sleek, trendy women’s naughty underwear sets that can be worn as outerwear. On a night out, pair your women’s underwear with a fitted jacket for jaw-dropping authenticity. After all, this season is all about dressing up your underwear as outwear.

Nothing beats being able to spoil yourself with some gorgeous new underwear, yet the high street is sometimes strewn with disappointment. Standard sizes are widely available, but what if you don’t fit the “standard”? That is why you should come to us, because we have great variety in sizes to fit everyone. 

Everyone can benefit from beautiful bras.

Nothing is worse than a badly fitting bra, but if you’re shopping for huge bras, it might be tough to find what you’re looking for. Many ranges simply do not include bras larger than a specific size, leaving many women unsatisfied. However, persons of smaller stature frequently face the same issue. For many women, finding smaller-sized alternatives may be a headache, with designers once again focused on more normal sizes. 

Nights to remember and nightgowns to keep

It’s time to relegate those saggy tees and bobbled fleeces to the back of the closet! After all, you’ll spend up to one-third of your life sleeping! Refined materials, comfy cuts, and a generous dose of style can help you sleep better and look great even when you aren’t sleeping. Our My Knickers exquisite nightwear feels fantastic on your skin, from the most comfortable pyjamas to the sexiest chemises.