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Sexy Tights – lace Tights

Isn’t it true that confidence comes from within? We have precisely the thing(s) to help you embrace being yourself (or near enough). So, with our badass lingerie tights, you can stand out from the inside out. You’ll look hot as hell with our latest underwear sets for beneath any outfit, whether you’re (un)dressing to impress or simply feeling yourself. We don’t care if you’re a good or bad girl, as long as you’re having fun and feeling hot AF while doing it.

How many straps should my suspender belt have? Suspenders and stockings are a match made in heaven. If you’re going to wear your stockings to work or on a regular basis, you could be better off with a four-strap suspender belt, two at the rear and two at the front, so it doesn’t show through your clothes as much. If you are wearing them to show off your lovely seductive tights or stockings, additional straps, say 6, will have the most effect.

Prepare for big ambitions and make them even bigger with My-Knickers fishnet tights. Fishnet tights, thigh-highs, and more sensual tights for the bedroom and beyond.

Make a statement and feel confident with our sexy tights line that is both bold and comfy. Increase the sexy factor by adding one of our suspenders or garter belts to your lingerie set and hosiery for when you need to impress.