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Sexy Hosiery | Erotic Lingerie | Elegant and Sheer

For decades, men’s imaginations have been fuelled by stockings. Stockings and suspenders have taken on a new identity as a sensuous and incredibly sexy form of hosiery for any lady seeking to explore her femininity. But what makes stockings so appealing to men?

Stockings not only look good, but they also feel good. Modern trend stockings are silky soft to the touch, beckoning the guy to caress them. They also feel terrific on the user and are more comfortable in warmer weather because they leave the upper thighs uncovered.

Sheer fashion stockings are a trendy addition for a shapely leg, as well as a sensuous experience. Seamed stockings put the elegance of a silver screen heroine within reach of any lady, especially when paired with a form fitting pencil skirt.

Seamed stockings look great with a classic suspender belt and a beautiful pair of stiletto heels; it’s a look that most guys lust over. The same is true for black stockings, lace or fishnets, and, most importantly, stockings and suspenders. They should always be paired with a pair of seductive stilettos for the complete impact.

Why do guys find stockings so appealing?

Stockings, as opposed to tights (which Sensalle does not sell! ), leave the upper thighs and crotch area open. A lady wearing stockings is significantly more sexually available, and the tantalizing glimpse of bare flesh over the top of the stockings is enough to send most men into an ecstatic frenzy.

It might be claimed that most stockings are now purchased for the bedroom, and while there is indisputably sexy fashion legwear made for everyday wear, there are plenty of designs better suited to the bedroom than a day at the office.

Fishnet stockings can be worn on a night out, but they are frequently the garment of choice for girls looking to titillate their husbands or lovers in the bedroom, especially when teamed with Sexy or Naughty lingerie. There is no doubting that stockings are the best hosiery accessory for the lady who wishes to emphasize her sexiness.
Sensalle has stockings in a variety of styles, including patterned, seamed, fishnets, and sheer.